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Save time and hassle by hiring an experienced painter and decorator for wallpapering. I am the founder of Sean Saunders Painting and Decorating and have 38+ years of experience in the painting and decorating trade. I have a passion for improving homes and creating beautiful spaces within my clients' homes. I only use the very best on materials and offer competitive prices with no compromise on quality. 

If you are looking for a wallpapering expert contact me today for a no obligation quote on 07832 290 148.

Why hire a wallpapering expert?

Whilst wallpapering is often considered a common DIY job, there are many things to consider whilst applying wallpaper including humidity, wall quality and priming. Along with these considerations, a wallpapering expert:

  • Has a wide variety of experience working with a wide range of wallpaper materials that require differing approaches to install
  • Owns the correct tools for the job
  • Prepares and primes the walls properly

Priming the walls is an important part of the wallpapering process and Sean Saunders Painting and Decorating can ensure the correct process has been applied. I can also ensure that older wallpaper is removed properly without damaging the walls underneath. 

Sean Saunders Painting & Decorating deliver a seamless presentation

At Sean Saunders Painting and Decorating, I have the experience, technique and knowledge to provide a seamless finish to your wallpapering job. Due to the high quality materials and expertise, Sean Saunders Painting & Decorating can deliver results that last and that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and create long lasting finishes

Choosing the right wallpaper for your home


Textured or embossed wallpaper can create beautiful effects on your walls that can really transform you room and make your walls a feature in your home. Textured wall paper is also a very durable and long lasting wall covering that can hold up to the effects of everyday life


Wallpaper with metallic elements can give your home an element of warmth and style as well as create a lighter sense in your room by reflecting natural and artificial light. 

Patterned wallpaper 

Patterned wallpaper creates endless possibilities for styles and looks in your home. From the more abstract patterns to the realistic ‘trompe l’oeil’ wallpaper, you can really style your room to your taste and overall home décor. 


More rustic wallpaper is a fantastic way to in-keep with the refresh walls of more traditional homes using its intricate patterns and details. 

Whatever kind of wallpaper fits you and your home Sean Saunders Painting & Decorating is on hand to help with creating a seamless and professional finish to your rooms

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